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InfoSec and White Hat Hacking

Hacking HP Display Monitors via Monitor Control Command Set (CVE-2023-5449)

Have you ever wondered how display monitor software can change various settings like brightness over a simple display cable? As it turns out, this relies on a standard protocol that can lead to interesting vulnerabilities. Here’s how I found and exploited CVE-2023-5449 in dozens of HP display monitors.

Passing the New OSEE Exam After Forgetting Everything

The Offensive Security Exploitation Expert (OSEE) certification is a legendary apex achievement among OffSec’s offerings - unabashedly featuring a skull logo and grim reaper iconography in previous iterations. Here’s how I tackled it while busy at work.

Rule Writing for CodeQL and Semgrep

One common perception is that it is easier to write rules for Semgrep than CodeQL. Having worked extensively with both of these static code analysis tools for about a year, I have some thoughts.

I Hope This Sticks: Analyzing ClipboardEvent Listeners for Stored XSS

When is copy-paste payloads not self-XSS? When it’s stored XSS. Recently, I reviewed a Zoom’s code to uncover an interesting attack vector.

Challendar: Creating a Challenge for The Infosecurity Challenge 2022

Although I do not actively participate in CTFs, I enjoy creating challenges for them as it forces me to learn by doing. Creating a good CTF challenge is an art, not a science. As the winner of last year’s $30k The InfoSecurity Challenge (TISC), I decided to contribute a challenge instead this year.